The Video of the Ryland

Post Office Town Hall Meeting

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Part 1 of  9

Part 1 Synopsis

Meeting opens. Tiffany Noel is introduced. Ms. Noel is the District Director for Congressman Mo Brooks. She reads a letter from the Congressman. Derrick King is introduced. He is the Manager, Post Office Operations (Area 1). He makes a brief statement and then introduces Reginald Capers. Mr. Capers is the Manager, Marketing. He also makes a brief statement and then opens up the floor for questions and comments. He is asked how Ryland was put on the list to possibly be closed. Mr. Capers responds with the standard USPS answer to this question.


Part 2 of  9

Part 2 Synopsis

The majority of this section is a discussion between Reginald Capers and Berns Miller concerning questions submitted in writing. The discussion includes whether or not these questions will be made part of the public record. Will we have access to these questions and will these questions be answered in writing. Mr. Capers also answers a question concerning the role of the Post Master General and states that the PMG does not have to answer to the federal government.


Part 3 of  9

Part 3 Synopsis

Capers is questioned about Title 39 and admits that it is illegal to close a rural post office for economic reasons. He takes several questions from the crowd and admits that closing the Ryland Post Office would be an inconvenience for the customers. Capers is then asked for list of the names of the people responsible for trying to close the Ryland Post Office. He refuses to do so. He admits to being on the committee that  made the proposal. Capers is asked how many post offices are in Alabama and how many may be closed. He is also asked if the Ryland Post Office is in the Huntsville area. He responds that it is.


Part 4 of  9

Part 4 Synopsis

Capers is questioned about Joseph Breckenridge and he admits that Breckenridge is the USPS communications person. Capers is questioned about postal leases. He is then asked why the USPS has provided incorrect information about the Ryland Post Office to Senator Shelby. He says that they did not but then admits that it was a play on words. More questions from the crowd. He attempts to explain the difference between a station and a post office. He is hit with a tough question concerning several untrue statement made by postal officials to Senators, the media, and customers. Capers claims that he believes that the USPS has handled this situation in a professional manner. His answer is so absurd that someone from the crowd asks “Why”. It is heating up for Capers and he begins to return to his canned answers about process and feasibility. He also fields questions about P O Box rent refunds and a timeline for when the office would actually close.

Part 5 of  9

Part 5 Synopsis

Capers is confronted with untrue statements made by postal officials. He finally denies knowledge of these statements. He is informed that the customers believe that their due process has been denied by the untruths spread by postal officials.  He is forced to admit that the USPS has kept the Postmaster position at Ryland vacant for three years. He is also confronted about other poor management decisions made by the Alabama District. The facts that there are no maintenance or lease problems with the Ryland Post Office are established. The fact that this office makes a profit is established. Capers admits that the USPS would close a money making office and keep a money losing office open. Once again he falls back to his feasibility canned answers.


Part 6 of  9

Part 6 Synopsis

Capers is caught in an obvious lie about how long the USPS studied the window survey before proceeding to the next step of the customer survey. It becomes very evident that the USPS is denying the Ryland Post Office customers their due process. Capers is told that their process does not make sense, he agrees and states that he doesn’t like the process, he also adds that his boss doesn’t like the process. More discussion of the process. Capers is asked if the USPS would discriminate against Ryland. He states that they are not doing so. He rapidly falls back to his canned speech on feasibility.


Part 7 of  9

Part 7 Synopsis

A lot of conversation with the crowd. More confusion over a Postmaster versus a Station Manager. Most questions get the canned answers. Contact information for the District Manager is requested and received. Questions are asked about customer satisfaction. Joyce Rutland makes an outstanding speech about losing the post office causing Ryland to lose its identity. Capers states that we are being heard.


Part 8 of  9


Part 8 Synopsis

Capers is questioned about flooding at the Brownsboro Post Office. He is asked about Title 39. He is asked about reducing fixed costs versus lost revenue. More comments about closing an office that operates in the black while keeping offices operating in the red. Capers is asked if we will maintain a drop box if our office is closed. Several comments made about convenience and location of the Ryland Post Office. Capers states that we can maintain our Ryland address even though our P O Box would be in Brownsboro.

Part 9 of  9

Part 9 Synopsis

Crowd expresses their disbelief that the USPS would close a post office that is making money in order to save money. More questions on how much money are they trying to save. Capers goes into the canned feasibility speech. He is asked if Brownsboro is being closed and responds “not right now”. Capers states that everything being said here tonight goes in the record. Reasons are given to Capers why we do not believe postal management, like closing our post office to save money while continuing to give managers “pay for performance” raises during a year when the USPS lost 8.5 billion dollars. The suggestion is made to go to 5 day delivery to save money and leave our post offices open. Capers closes with the statement that we have 10 days to mail questions or comments to Viola Freeman.